MG Aftersales

Following its unprecedented successes in the past year...

MG ranked first in SUP in 2021 and clinches the second ranking in the Egyptian market.

  • The brand scaled up spare parts sales in 2021 by 269% and launched 7 new centers.
  • MG sells 23,600 cars in 2021, a 56% Y-o-Y increase, with two new models to be released soon.
  • The brand rolls out a comprehensive plan for 2022, including digital transformation for all its services.

Al-Mansour Automotive has announced rolling out a comprehensive plan to set forth 2022 marketing, sales, and after-sales strategies for its renowned "MG" brand in Egypt. The new announcement comes on the heels of the car's recent successes, most notable of which the whopping increase of 50% in its maintenance and after-sales service centers in 2021, bringing the total to 21 centers nationwide.

In 2021, the company inaugurated seven new service centers, three of which are located in Greater Cairo with other centers in Mansoura, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, and Ismailia, and a growing number of available bays spaces across the operating service centers.

MG has also witnessed skyrocketing sales for spare parts over the past year; climbing by 269%, more than five folds the previous rate. This milestone is attributed to the company's extensive efforts to supply spare parts for various MG models, with 95% of the vehicle’s components available across all service centers.

MG saw unprecedented growth in the Egyptian market, leading it to be the fastest growing automotive brand in the Middle East. The brand introduced a range of models, designed exclusively to appeal to a wide range of preferences and to live up to its customers’ expectations. The volume of automobiles brought to MG service centers has doubled, in comparison to 2020, and TTL sales have risen by more than 56%, amounting to 23,600 vehicles.

MG has also achieved tremendous strides in the Egyptian market categorization during the last three years, leaping from 28th to 14th rank in 2019, and then reaching the 5th rank in 2020. The brand fluctuated between first and second rank, in the final classification for 2021, settling on the 2nd rank in the last quarter.

The MG team revealed that the brand's second ranking in the Egyptian market is attributed to consumers' trust in MG models that fulfill their needs and aspirations in pricing, technical specifications and various capabilities that MG offers, making it Egyptian’s favorite automobile brand. After-sales services is one of the attributes that contributed to the high sales volume and made MG the most convenient option among its automotive competitors in the Egyptian market.

MG has wide-scale expansion plans for 2022, which will see the debut of two new MG models in Egypt, with all-new specs and features, as the Egyptian customers impatiently anticipate everything new from Egypt's most popular car.

MG strives to expand further by introducing more showrooms and after-sales service facilities, with an emphasis on hitherto untapped locations. New service centers in Alexandria, Damietta, Kafr El-Sheikh, El-Mahalla, and Luxor are also set to be launched. The company aims to adopt its digital transformation strategy at all levels to enhance customer experience and accessibility and offer them a more seamless and faster practical experiences, whether in sale, services or beyond.

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