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  • MG Black Label makes its world debut! Proving that the brand is always young and advanced.

MG Black Label makes its world debut! Proving that the brand is always young and advanced.

The ultimate and born MG black label conference

On the same day, MG Black Label's first model, MG7, made its world debut. The new car perfectly interprets the three ultimate connotations of extreme style, ultimate performance and ultimate experience, adopts the elegant avant-garde design concept, and creates a "supreme top car" with a fascinated sense of high- grade, dynamic control and sporty performance, multi- dimensional sensory luxury enjoyment brought by cross-level configuration, and exclusive rights and interests of black label car owners.

Only by pursuing the ultimate, the brand will always be young.

From the tide running leader MG5 to the new pattern MG6 that opens the sports coupe segment, MG continues to strengthen brand expression with category thinking, present brand rejuvenation with innovation, bring car owners a high-quality travel experience and a different trend life, and make MG Silver label a vane of the trend.

At the same time, with the continuous implementation of the strategy of rejuvenation, MG has also gained the recognition of the international market, won the overseas sales champion of China's single brand for three consecutive years, and helped SAIC Topped the list of Chinese car companies going to sea for six consecutive years, becoming the pioneer of Chinese cars going to sea.

The ultimate and born MG black label conference

When automobile consumption enters the era of "pleasing oneself", young car owners who are traveling through time have higher expectations for MG. With greater responsibility,

a larger pattern, the launch of MG black label, not only inherit MG of the original sports fashion trend of the brand characteristics, but also in the sports attributes to achieve the ultimate interpretation. MG Black Label has the ultimate style, extreme performance,  unconditional experience of the three connotations:

  • The advanced speed & control,
  • Extreme Luxury,
  • Subversive style, performance and experience,

To become the top grid aesthetics showman, sports performance innovator and the ultimate experience creator.

The ultimate and born MG black label conference.

MG Black Label is the most complete and high-level interpretation of MG brand rejuvenation, which continues to resonate with the times with the innovation power of continuous breakthroughs.

For MG brand, black label is the comprehensive embodiment and ultimate expression of MG brand rejuvenation; For MG car owners, the black label is in response to the user's desire for a more extreme upgrade of the product, in the industry, MG will Lead the global market in terms of vision, becoming the best model in terms of rejuvenation of Chinese car brands, and constantly pushing up the upper limit of China's automotive industry.

Compared with the extreme, MG7 exceeds user expectations

As the first flagship model of the black label, the MG7 Top Grid coupe is perfectly interpreted into ultimately more realistic beauty and performance from the inside out, conveying a sporty look and feel like no other.

True to aesthetic taste, MG7 adopts a pure sports car sense front face configuration, with loads of technology starting from the new digital pupil hunting headlights, leopard claw-like matrix grille and the elegant swooping front shape, to the smooth top curve and the rear shoulder line perfectly echoed in a way that the center of vehicle’s gravity is further pressed down, showing a hunting posture full of strength; Frameless doors, three-stage active electric rear wing, show the power in an elegant form.

To the Top Of The Grid Coupe MG7

For the performance strength MG7 is equipped with SAIC's new generation of 2.0T+9AT power combination, the maximum power is 192kW, the maximum torque is 405N.m, the acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 6.5 seconds, and the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is as low as 6.2L, meeting the dual needs of users "energy saving and performance".

In addition, MG7 unique X- mode racing bring users a personalized immersive track driving experience, supporting 150+ custom driving modes, built-in track map and straight-line racing challenge mode, allowing owners to enjoy every passion moment.

Interior design of the MG7 to the Top Grid Coupe

The demand for users is more real, and the MG7 breaks through the luxury boundary. Visually, the strongest 33-inch all-in-one display in its class puts everything at your fingertips. Tactilely, Dynamic interior materials and Silk Nappa leather panels create a luxurious feel of sophistication.

Audibly, the BOSE PREMIUM theatre-quality sound system delivers theatre-quality sound. It is worth mentioning that MG7 is also equipped with the strongest 8155 flagship car specification chip of the same level, the only AR-HUD real-life display at the same level and other cross-level technologies, bringing users a top luxury experience.

To the Top Of The Grid Coupe MG7

In the name of black label, MG7 provides users with exclusive sales channels, exclusive sales consultants, ultimate after-sales service and the rights and interests of selected car owners, covering the whole cycle of user car purchase and car, opening a new ultimate user experience.

MG black label is a complete and high-level interpretation of the current youthfulness, fully responding to the user's desire for a more extreme upgrade of the product.

Its first Zhimei Top Grid Coupe MG7 perfectly interprets the black label connotation of extreme performance, ultimate experience and extreme style, fully meets the ultimate needs of young people for quality cars, and becomes the top work of China's automobile industry.

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